U.S.S. Walker

Decommissioning Ceremony

Bob Schultz
United States Navy


Decommissioning Ceremony

United States Destroyers

USS Walker (DD - 517)
USS Taylor (DD - 468)


Commissioning as

The Italian Navy Destroyers

Fante and Lanciere

US Naval Station
San Diego, California
2 July 1969


StarWalkers Last Days By Bill CochrellStar

The mighty Walker DD 517, a liberty ship, was built during war time to break the back of the Axis naval might. While she and her crews felt the threat and power of the Japanese navy, she never backed down. She always protected her crew and was never subdued. However, in the spring of ....
continued ...
Walker's Last Day's

American Flag

USS Walker DD517
CDR Robert A. Mesler USN
USS Taylor DD468
CDR John B. Hurd USN

Representative Of
The United States Government
Rear Admiral Marshal E. Dornin USN
Eleventh Naval District
Accredited Representative Of
The Republic Of Italy
Mr. Giorgio Carega
Consul General of Italy, Los Angeles
Italian Flag

CDR Fernando Favi
CAPT Mauuimiliano Marandino

Decommissioning Program

Band Selections
Commander Crusier - Destroyer Force U. S. Pacific Band

Arrival Of Official Party

Captain E. D. Sneary, CHC, USN

Welcomming Remarks
Rear Admiral Marshal E. Dornin, USN
Commandant Eleventh Naval District

Commander Robert A. Mesler, USN
Commanding Officer USS Walker (DD517)

Commander John B. Hurd USS Taylor (DD468)

U. S. National Anthem and Lowering United States Colors

Reading Of Transfer Certificate
Rear Admiral Marshall E. Dornin, USN
Commandant Eleventh Naval District
Mr.Giorgio Carega
Consul General Of Italy, Los Angeles

Republic Of Italy National Anthem And Hoisting Of Italian Navy Colors

Commissioning And Setting Of Watch
Captain Arrigo Barbi
Italian Naval Attache, Washington, D. C.

CDR C. E. Webb, CHC, USN


Attention all Former crew members, or families and friends thereof, are invited to email the members name, rank or rate, contact information and the years they were on the ship. Photos or text documents (*.txt) will also be accepted if of reasonable length..